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Stop complaining and do something about it

My name is Marc Mapes and I am the Co-Director and Co-Founder (along with my business partner OraRuth Rother) of For Direct Hire Ltd www.fordirecthire.com. We are a new online recruitment alternative startup best described as streamlined online registration, assessment, shortlisting and placement with direct company to candidate access. We are currently in private beta performing internal systems testing. After a semi-public pilot test, we will be launching in the UK in May.

I spent a year looking for a job by utilising every recruitment method under the sun. The result was immense frustration, a few interviews and no hiring success. I listened to countless other jobseekers and more than a few companies complain loudly that the current offerings just didn’t work for either parties. Jobseekers (me included) feel like just a number and completely powerless even though we are the largest part of the unemployment equation. Companies wonder why they have such a hard time finding the right candidates with so many people looking for work. And of course, where’s the value for money?

I literally spent 8-10 hours a day sitting on the couch surfing job boards, submitting CVs, fielding occasional calls from recruiters, following up on job leads, and checking my phone and email every five minutes for messages.  I had to flip the cushions weekly so I wouldn’t form a permanent low spot in the middle of our couch. As the months passed I became increasingly vocal about the fact that no one seemed to care about the jobseeker. My family became increasingly tired of hearing this and finally told me to stop complaining and do something about it. So I am.

I will be writing about the pain and frustration of today’s job seekers, my view on what’s wrong with the current offerings (and how FDH aims to fix them), the progress of For Direct Hire, hurdles and challenges of self-funded entrepreneurship and ultimately success stories of our member candidates and companies. I would love to hear about your job searches and recruitment stories both good and bad. I know there are good recruiters out there and those who continue to add value to the process will always do well.

I look forward to your comments (keeping in mind this is my first blog).  I will keep working at it.  Please keep an eye out for future postings.

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Happy hiring,


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