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Never apply for a job again

Before I address the blog title let me say I’m happy to announce that ForDirectHire.com has re-launched as HireMatch.me. We received overwhelming feedback that people didn’t understand what we do from the name, but as an added bonus we did receive some nice attention from people looking to rent Fords – which was nice.

Okay, on to the title of the blog post (and the header on our home page). Yes, I know Never apply for a job again is a very strong statement. However, it’s not meant to be a claim, but rather a HireMatch.me mantra of sorts. I’ll be the first to acknowledge our intent is to use it as a bit of a hook to grab attention immediately and perhaps trigger some lively discussion. Great things come from good discussions.

You have to admit, from a jobseeker’s point of view the idea of filling in a profile once (of course, it can be edited as needed) and letting appropriate jobs find you is an intriguing one. It’s the basis of our offer to jobseekers. This whole notion that you should alter your CV and write an individual cover letter for every job you apply for is of absolutely no benefit to jobseekers or companies.

This mentality blatantly promotes embellishment and skewing one’s skills and experience in order to appear to be more of a fit than might actually be true. Basically, it encourages a jobseeker to make sure their CV and cover letter incorporates the exact words and requirements from a company’s job posting whether it’s 100% true or not. Jobseekers’ skills and experience will change over an extended period of time, but they certainly don’t change from hour to hour or even day to day. So why is it that jobseekers are encouraged to tailor their information to fit each job?

The end result is often many uncomfortable moments on both sides of the interview desk when the company concludes that the perfect candidate on paper isn’t quite so perfect when questioned about their background. Even worse, what happens when the jobseeker is hired and has trouble living up to their CV? For jobseekers, it’s a disheartening experience when they can’t perform the job they were were hired to do based on their bespoke CV and have to start their job search over when they are let go. For companies, it’s an incredibly expensive mistake given that the statistics show the cost of recruiting the wrong person can cost 2 1/2 times their annual salary.

HireMatch.me was established, in part, to eliminate this situation. A jobseeker fills in their profile (saving time by signing in with their LinkedIn profile), uploads their CV (yes, some companies still insist on using CV’s), takes our Work Behaviour Assessor and becomes a member of the HireMatch.me community. As a member of the community, they are automatically and continuously measured against the requirements of every job (old, new and revised) in the database to determine a fit based on our unique and constantly improving algorithms. HireMatch.me measures traditional CV criteria, competences (the combination of skills and experience), and most importantly competencies (work behaviours). After all, as the saying goes: you get hired for skills and experience and fired for your behaviour. The British Psychological Society has determined the use of psychometric assessment and behavioural based interviews can increase hiring accuracy to above 75%. HireMatch.me moves this to the front of the process, greatly reducing hiring mistakes and shortening the hiring cycle – both of which save companies huge amounts of money and frustration.

No more applying to endless jobs and hearing nothing. No more moving to the bottom of the CV pile as time passes. No more being judged based on words on paper. No more placing your fate in the hands of someone who only sees companies as clients and jobseekers as merely an avenue to a possible commission. Imagine as a candidate only being contacted directly by companies who have a genuine interest. For passive candidates (yes, it’s okay to look for a job when you have a job) it’s the peace of mind knowing that your profile is private and only viewed by companies when a match is determined. We have even given users the power to block companies from viewing your profile should you show up in their match results (e.g.: current or former employers).

All that being said, of course we’re not saying that jobseekers should only use HireMatch.me to find a job, quite the contrary. Our main goals from the day one has been to create an easier way for jobseekers find better jobs (and save companies from paying huge commissions in the process). In fact, when a jobseeker fully completes their profile they receive the results of their personal Work Behaviour Assessor Candidate Report as a PDF that enables them to use this incredibly powerful information for their entire recruitment campaign.

This is just the beginning. We have many big plans for the future. Social recruitment and personal branding are causing a huge buzz right now. So among other things, we are also working on smart and simple ways to allow jobseekers to build truly dynamic and social profiles. It will include not only their HireMatch.me information, but will also allow them to encapsulate all their social profiles and activities in one easy to share location.

HireMatch.me is now live and ready for you to join us Mr/Mrs Jobseeker. We are very busy speaking with companies and adding new jobs everyday. So become part of the HireMatch.me community today and help us become the recruitment alternative of the future. Oh, and if there is anything you’d like to know just ask (except for the science bit – that’s our little secret). We’re passionate about we’re doing and love to talk about it.

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