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5 things jobseekers are tired of hearing. No. 5: Nothing…

This is the last entry (for now anyway) in my five part series of five things jobseekers are tired of hearing others say about their job search.  I appreciate the feedback I’ve received from people who unfortunately identify with my experiences and frustrations with current recruitment models; both traditional and online versions.

Throughout the previous four posts I highlighted some of the reasons my business partner OraRuth Rother and I have started For Direct Hire which is currently in private beta and due to launch very soon.  I briefly touched on the lack of feedback in my first post in the series “Don’t take it personally…”, but it is the genesis of my original idea of how today’s recruitment has a strong resemblance to my past dating life.  I’ll come back to that.

I’ve heard all the complaints from external recruiters who tell anyone who will listen that due to the massive numbers of applicants per opening that they simply can’t call every candidate to let them know that their application was not successful.  To a point I agree, they’re right, hundreds of “sorry, not this time” phone calls for every role would be virtually impossible.  However, as I have pointed out previously, the biggest issue I had is with those recruiters who made me feel I was perfect for the role and then simply disappeared when they received the company’s feedback that in fact I wasn’t.  In a perfect world this should be the rule of thumb: if a recruiter calls a candidate to “qualify” them then the recruiter should call the candidate when they are not successful.  From personal experience though, I know most candidates would be happy to receive a simple email with the bad news.

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