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Kicking the job search tires…again

I find myself  in a very strange, perhaps somewhat unique situation. One I  hoped to not encounter for a long time, if at all. I’m back to looking for a new job after leaving my startup…a startup aimed at completely disrupting the external recruitment industry. Yeah, I fully grasp the irony here.

My last bout with the job search beast ended in complete defeat, but it led me to the idea behind HireMatch.me. Unfortunately, since I am now leaving, I will once again face my nemesis: the job search. An experience I have often referred to as “soul sucking”. I imagine it to be much like being forced at gun point to walk an i-beam 50 floors up on an unfinished skyscraper while having a paralyzing fear of heights. You do it because you have to. Because you have no choice. And because the alternative is worse. Much like being shot would be worse than facing your fear of heights, being unemployed is much worse than doing everything you can to find a job. Even when it’s difficult, and at times, uncomfortable.

Job searches always start out the same:

  • Contact the people you know
  • Update your LinkedIn profile and attempt to take advantage your network
  • Research and reach out to the companies you want to work for
  • Pound the job boards
  • Call in the external recruiters

If it’s an extended job search all these come into play. You basically become a cross between a cold call sales person and a stalker. Not exactly a comfortable place to be.

For the last three years I’ve been banging my drum about candidate experience improvement. In the last three years, this cause has picked up much momentum. There are even The Candidate Experience Awards and a growing number of companies are realizing how much damage is being done to their brand by giving a poor experience. My friend Gareth Jones wrote a good post about the subject: The “candidate experience” – there isn’t one… There are also some good articles and discussion on there from folks like Gerry Crispin, Lisa Scales, Bill Boorman and Steve Ward.

So now I get to go out and try all the new software out there, and not just for competitive analysis this time. In the last few years many new online systems have popped up to improve the recruitment process. I can’t say I’m necessarily excited about kicking the tires of these platforms, but it will be interesting to see if they provide an enhanced experience, as many claim to.

Have they made the process better from a candidate’s point of view? Have they created ways to improve the communication so the candidate is not continually left wondering and in the dark about what’s happening? Have they taken advantage of new technology to streamline the whole process?

I guess I’ll see…starting now. I’ll let you know what I find out.

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