My problem with LinkedIn: Are we truly connected?

Just a quick post for some research I’m doing.

As I go through my job search I’m starting to realize there is one major flaw with LinkedIn: lack of true connections. Think about it. If I were to ask you to introduce me to one of your 1st Connections (assuming you know me personally and would be willing to make an intro), how many would you feel comfortable introducing me to?

I think we can all agree that the first place one should turn when looking for a job is your network, and LinkedIn is the go-to initial starting place. When you look through jobs on LinkedIn you are shown who you are connected to within that company, both 1st and 2nd degrees. You are encouraged to reach out to these connections to attempt to increase your chances of landing an interview. But, does it do any good if you have no true connection with these people?

This also begs the question: do you only make intros to people you know personally (online of offline), or do you feel comfortable connecting people to any of your connections regardless of whether or not you know them?

2 comments on “My problem with LinkedIn: Are we truly connected?

  1. Mark – I’d like to see another category on your poll – I’ll introduce anyone I trust to anyone I trust.

    • Thanks for the comment John. That’s kind of my point. It seems most people would only connect others to those they trust. So that opens the question quantity or quality. I’ve always felt that I would pretty much connect to anyone since you never know where it might lead, but if I don’t know them “personally” then I probably wouldn’t feel comfortable making a connection for them.

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