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I’m joining the TalentObjects by Lumesse team!

I'm backI’m super excited to announce that after a seven month detour away from the world of HRTechnology, I’m joining TalentObjects by Lumesse as Product Marketing Manager.

What is TalentObjects?

TalentObjects is native-developed for the Salesforce1 Platform. And that brings the platform’s rich set of Mobile and Social capabilities that only native applications can tap. TalentObjects connects people to one another and the data they need. Wherever they are. Whenever they need. However they want.

TalentObjects brings HR, Business professionals and Talent together and turns transactions into interactions. A shared view of data helps managers make better decisions. Together. Social tools turn transactions into interactions. Daily. Community portals help create relationships with top talent. Sooner.

Timing is everything

I actually interviewed to join TalentObjects in February of this year after my last company, eiTalent, shut down. Unfortunately, timing wasn’t right then so I took another job outside of the HRTech industry.

While out with some friends during SXSW, I was introduced (by you guessed it, Bill Boorman) to a tall guy in a cowboy hat who turned out to be Allen Johnson, the Head of Marketing at TO. We had a few conversations over the next couple of days at different venues. I became impressed with him and the vision of where TO is headed. We’ve had many conversations in the months since and I’m excited about working closely with him (not to mention industry veterans like Rick Vigilis, Raymond van der Wal, Stephan Schmitt and others) to spread the word about TO.

Since then, TO have launched Recruit in the Salesforce App Exchange and it’s poised to make some noise in the industry. They are also working on an end-to-to suite of HR tools, all built on the Salesforce1 Platform.

My other box being ticked

My passion for HRTech and improving the recruitment process for everyone has grown steadily since I launched HireMatch.me in 2010 while I lived in London. While working in the startup world over the last six years, I’ve also become fascinated by the prevailing thought that larger companies cannot innovate from within. It seems to be widely thought that companies must purchase up and coming companies if they want to be innovative in their own industry. HRTech is no exception to this as illustrated by recent acquisitions highlighted in this Blogging4Jobs article about startup investment and acquisitions.

Serendipity (aka the Bill Boorman Effect)

Exactly one year ago this week I attended Bill Boorman’s TruLondon event where I pitched eiTalent in the startup arena and led a track on company culture. I didn’t know it then, but two other interesting things happened.

  • I met Romuald Restaut, the Head of Product at Lumesse. We talked a lot about what eiTalent was doing and about how we could possibly integrate with the Lumesse platform to help their clients assess candidate fit based on company culture. We had several conversations over the next few months and even met while I was in London earlier this year meeting with potential clients and other integration partners. When things fell apart with eiTalent shortly there after, he made intros for me into Lumesse for possible openings.
  • Bill led a small private session with several people talking about the struggles of HRTech startups – mainly around the barriers of integration and the shortcomings of offering a point solution instead of a platform. We all commiserated and the discussion shifted when Bill suggested that startups should seriously consider building a version to launch in the Salesforce App Exchange.

Fast forward a year, and I find myself in a dream scenario. Not only do I have the opportunity to help TO reshape the world of recruitment, onboarding, learning, etc., but I also get to work for a company that is challenging the notion that true innovation cannot happen from within. It’s like working for a startup again, but without a lot of the traditional startup challenges and the benefit of being a native app built on Salesforce1.

I’m a happy camper and ready for the challenge. I’m back!

Lastly, if you’re going to Dreamforce this year, stop by and see us at Booth N1101.



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