I’m joining the TalentObjects by Lumesse team!

I’m super excited to announce that after a seven month detour away from the world of HRTechnology, I’m joining TalentObjects by Lumesse as Product Marketing Manager. What is TalentObjects? TalentObjects is native-developed for the Salesforce1 Platform. And that brings the platform’s rich set of Mobile and Social capabilities that only native applications can tap. TalentObjects […]

Conferences, Content, Context and Conversations

Even though Electronic Insight and eiTalent are just getting started (companies can sign up for our demo), we’ve been able to attend a majority of the conferences in the HR/recruitment arena in 2013. I’ve been able to catch up with old friends (I’m looking at you Gareth and Mervyn), meet lots of new ones, learn more […]

Guest post: Networking tips for changing careers

So I’ve been either lazy or extremely busy with my new role at Cospace.co. Let’s go with the latter. Thankfully smart people like Steven Burrell have offered to provide guest posts. This post is one that is near and dear to my heart as a recent career changer. Deciding to embark on an entirely new […]

Stories of a jobseeker Vol. 1: Waiting by the phone

It’s been a couple of weeks since I started looking for a new job, albeit parttime as I wind down my duties with HireMatch.me. Sad to say, not much has changed in the world of job search since my last job search three years ago. To put it gently, it stills sucks. Of course, the […]

Get involved in the March of Dimes (our story)

For those of you who don’t know, my wife and I are proud parents of two amazing little boys. Our first son was born in Chicago at 28 weeks, a full three months early. We have been very fortunate in the way things have turned out, but others who have premature babies often struggle with […]

Personal(ity) Branding – 5 tips from a newcomer

I know it’s hard to believe, but personal branding did not start with Seth Godin, Dan Schawbel or William Arruda. According to Wikipedia the concept of personal branding was first introduced in 1937 in the book Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill in which he spoke about the “ways and mean of marketing personal […]

Kicking the job search tires…again

I find myself  in a very strange, perhaps somewhat unique situation. One I  hoped to not encounter for a long time, if at all. I’m back to looking for a new job after leaving my startup…a startup aimed at completely disrupting the external recruitment industry. Yeah, I fully grasp the irony here. My last bout […]