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Work experience

Marc Mapes

Entrepreneur, startup founder, hard worker, quick learner, ideas guy

After spending 20+ years in the marketing/communications world I decided to chase my entrepreneurial passion and launch a startup. (Ok, so it had a lot to do with the fact that I worked in a dying industry in the economic disaster of 2008). Based on a rant, which I was encouraged by love ones not to publicize anywhere due to my view of recruiters at the time, I came up with the idea to take online dating matching methodology to recruitment. After working on building HireMatch.me for almost three years I decided to leave to focus on finding my next challenge. I proceeded to help several startups and co-working spaces around Austin build their awareness and avoid the painful mistakes I had learned along my startup journey.

I now work as the Director of Product Management for Electronic Insight, which currently consists of the product eiTalent.com. I have a passion for assembling teams to build kick ass products, particularly in the HRTech space. I also enjoy speaking to groups about my experiences and my thoughts on the world of startups and HRTech.


Product management, product development, business development, candidate experience, customer discovery, customer success, customer support, social media, customer satisfaction, team leadership, startup consulting, software project management, account management, creative problem solving, strategic alliances

Work Experience

Director of Product Management for Electronic Insight and Product Owner for eiTalent.com

Electronic Insight – Austin, Texas February 2013 to Present

Words show behavior. The way we think and behave shows up in the text we write. Electronic Insight (an HPT Development company) is a patented software solution that provides actionable insights into engagement and behavior through synthesis of written communications. Going beyond traditional sentiment analysis and text analytics techniques, businesses use ei to dive deeper into what’s behind written words to uncover the motivations, convictions, engagement, and potential behavior of the author or authors of the communications.

Our first target markets for ei are talent management, digital forensics and financial/investment.

eiTalent.com (currently in private trials) takes feeds from any existing unstructured textual data sources — emails, resumes, social media posts, blog posts, interview transcripts — into its text synthesis engine and provides a map of the person’s cultural fit to an organization as well as their job fit, character strengths and personality strengths.

For Electronic Insight my responsibilities include determining markets for our technology and the overall product direction.

For eiTalent my responsibilities include:
– Managing the entire product life cycle from concept to design to product launch
– Define market-driven product requirements based on customer, prospect, marketplace, and competitive dynamics for each product release
– Provide product support for sales opportunities, including on-site customer visits when needed
– Develop in-depth analysis of competitor feature/functions and determine optimal competitive positioning

Business Development and Partnerships Advisor

Tech Ranch Austin – Austin, Texas Area November 2012 – March 2013

Tech Ranch Austin is a technology incubator headquartered in Austin Texas. Tech Ranch Austin is focused on accelerating pre-seed and seed stage technology companies that can change the world.

The Tech Ranch team has expertise that spans software, hardware, alternative energy and emerging technologies. The Tech Ranch team currently accelerates start-ups like Piryx, IPX, Zehicle and Perception Labs through advisory and venture development services, and houses startups like LiveLocal and YigDigs in the Tech Ranch incubation facility.

Business Development and Strategy Advisor

SwimTopia – Austin, Texas Area November 2012 – February 2013

SwimTopia makes it easier to manage and participate in organized swim activities. We bring together registration, volunteer coordination, communication tools and sport-specific data management into an easy-to-use web-based application.

SwimTopia, is focused on the competitive swimming market. In the future, we will expand to serve additional sports and to help families connect and coordinate more of their activities.

At SwimTopia my responsibilities include:
– Reviewing and refining sales activities
– Working with national sales staff to develop a clear and concise sales approach
– Helping to develop customer acquisition strategy

Business Development and Strategy Consultant

Cospace – Austin, Texas Area July 2012 – November 2012

Cospace was a national hub of open and accessible collaborative spaces with demand-driven technical and business educational content and classes. Not just for entrepreneurs, but for anyone who wants to learn or improve their existing skills and knowledge.

Acted as a consultant helping the founders to successfully define their market and direction by using my business development and strategy background to facilitate customer discovery and sponsorship opportunities.

At Cospace Ventures my responsibilities included:
– Business development/strategy
– Cospace Talent
– Space partnerships
– Local and national sponsorships
– Corporate partnerships
– Talent network partnerships
– Meeting awesome people

Director & Co-Founder

HireMatch.me – London, UK and Austin, TX August 2009 to April 2012

After an extensive job search I became so frustrated with current job search methods that I decided to do something about it. The originaI idea was to take the online dating matching methods to recruitment to directly connect company recruiters and jobseekers. HireMatch.me started as a LinkedIn group called For Direct, but after being summoned to a meeting with LinkedIn in their London office I decided to transform the group into a business.

The end result after securing two rounds of angel funding is HireMatch.me, which is a SaaS based online assessment and job matching management system that leverages a company’s existing candidate attraction methods and social media presence to evaluate and deliver highly qualified shortlist of possible applicants. Today’s world of social recruitment has made it easier for candidates to apply to jobs without much effort, which in turn has resulted in an unprecedented number of applicants per job opening.

We all wore many hats (as one does in a startup), but I mostly managed customer acquisition/discovery, product management, strategic planning, social channels and big picture thinking. The site is now live in the UK.

Our customer discovery process led us to many valuable uses for our platform. Beyond the initial subscription based offer, we began to develop white label and entreprise solutions and versions using assessments and matching technology to work with companies to develop custom systems for internal benchmarking, team/culture fit tools, success profiling, succession planning and much more.

Managing Director (Owner)

MC2 Print Solutions – London, UK May 2009 to November 2009

MC2 Print Solutions is exactly as the name implies: I offer solutions to a variety of printing needs.

CONSULTANCY: Having spent almost all of my career in the US, but now living in the UK, puts me in a unique position to be able to help companies with international outsourcing. The level of my involvement is up to the client. I can help with projects as simple as translating the differences in terminology and specifications or I can assist in intensive vendor qualification and negotiation. I have assembled a pool of some of the best graphic services companies in the US, UK, India and China.

PRINT MANAGEMENT: I can also use the same network of vendors to handle any graphic services related project from concept to completion–from the simplest to the most complex.

My twenty year career consists of a unique mix of account, project, production and personnel management; sales; estimating and procurement.

Senior Account Manager

All Out Print Communications/Multiple Images Printing – Chicago, IL September 2005 to December 2008

All Out Print Communications is a large format (40″ x 56″) sheetfed printing company which was started from the ground up in June of 2006. Almost everyone who began with the company at the start came from Multiple Images Printing. We began with the idea that we were tired of fighting for the scraps with other 40″ printers. We specialized in FMCG packaging, in-store signage, lenticular, publishing, floor graphics, direct mail, P.O.S. and P.O.P. printing.

Project Manager/Inside Sales

All Out Print Communications/Multiple Images Printing – Chicago, IL April 2005 to September 2005

Managed projects for one salesperson totaling $1,300,000 in sales. Managed one national account totaling $500,000 in sales. Also acted as back up estimator.

Project Manager/Inside Sales/Procurement Manager

Printing Arts – Chicago, IL November 2004 to April 2005

Managed projects for one salesperson totaling $1,000,000 in sales. Acted as inside sales for one national account totaling $500,000 in sales. Acted as back up estimator. Ordered all paper and various supplies. Managed finishing department of 15 employees. Worked with all deparments to develop quality control programs.

Production Manager

New London Press – Atlanta, GA 2002 to 2004

Managed all daily activities of 30 employees. Developed written job responsibilities for all employees. Conducted all press checks both with and without clients being present. Developed reward and discipline program to improve quality of work and employee morale. Reviewed every project prior to entering production workflow. Ordered paper and various supplies. Company was named #4 fastest growing printing company in the US.

Project Manager

New London Press – Atlanta, GA 2001 to 2002

Managed projects for three sales people totaling $2,000,000 in sales, worked with VP of Operations to set up new job management system. Served as backup estimator. Promoted to Production Manager within first year.

Assistant Plant Manager

Perfect Image Printing – Atlanta, GA January 2001 to December 2001

Scheduled daily activities of 25 full time employees in all production departments. Managed all projects for the owner of the company totalling $1,500,000 in sales.

National Account Manager

Imperial Graphics – Grand Rapids, MI December 1998 to January 2001

Was responsible for developing national accounts in the pharmaceutical forms printing division. We produced Case Report Forms for Phase I-IV clinical trials for industry leading drug companies. My clients were primarily emerging to large biotech companies mainly on the west coast. Clients included ICOS, Amgen, and CibaVision.

Project Manager

Imperial Graphics – Grand Rapids, MI December 1997 to December 1998

Worked as project manager for salesman totalling $2,000,000 in sales. Helped establish a quality control committee that reduced internal spoilage by 20% in first year. Promoted to National Account Manager.


Central Michigan University  – 1991 to 1992 – Business

Grand Rapids Community College  – 1988 to 1991 – Business

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