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Stories of a jobseeker Vol. 1: Waiting by the phone

It’s been a couple of weeks since I started looking for a new job, albeit parttime as I wind down my duties with HireMatch.me. Sad to say, not much has changed in the world of job search since my last job search three years ago. To put it gently, it stills sucks. Of course, the […]

Kicking the job search tires…again

I find myself  in a very strange, perhaps somewhat unique situation. One I  hoped to not encounter for a long time, if at all. I’m back to looking for a new job after leaving my startup…a startup aimed at completely disrupting the external recruitment industry. Yeah, I fully grasp the irony here. My last bout […]

The end of the journey for me (To new beginnings!)

It is with immense sadness that I announce I am resigning as Director of HireMatch.me. To say it’s tough to leave something that was an idea generated from a deeply personal experience like not being able to find a job is a ridiculous understatement. Especially since we’ve been working on it for almost three years. […]

5 things job seekers are tired of hearing. No. 1: Don’t take it personally…

Hello again.  This is the first installment of five things (unless I come up with more) candidates are tired of hearing others say about their job search.  As a person who spent over a year searching for a job, I believe I have unique insight into the subject.  This and the subsequent posts outline the […]

Stop complaining and do something about it

My name is Marc Mapes and I am the Co-Director and Co-Founder (along with my business partner OraRuth Rother) of For Direct Hire Ltd http://www.fordirecthire.com. We are a new online recruitment alternative startup best described as streamlined online registration, assessment, shortlisting and placement with direct company to candidate access. We are currently in private beta […]